5 Fingers

5 Fingers

Really good production from year 1952. It is a pleasure for me to have a good movie, a few intelligent speakers, and these collective speeches reveal the central idea of ​​the movie. I was so emotionally destroyed that I saw the entire movie three times on the internet almost in one go. 5 Fingers movie, more than once, all you can watch. Play the game, pure spirit of that masterpiece. This classical is a modern classic, two words. I'm not a true fan of drama,thriller, but I'm like that too! I did not find this exact movie anywhere else, so I uploaded it in HotMovieFlix.com so everyone can now see it for free online. I would recommend this movie to anyone, watch it and enjoy it.

Quality: HD

Release: 1952

IMDb: 6,1

Duration: 108 min

Views: 25